Cu-OF & Cu-OFE

Cu-OFE (Oxygen Free Electronic Grade) is an oxygen-free and non phosphorus-deoxidized copper with a guaranteed purity of 99.99%. This pure copper has a minimum electrical conductivity of 101% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). Cu-OF has the same properties as Cu-OFE, but with a 0.04% higher (and acceptable) level of impurities (99.95% pure).

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The high purity of Cu-OFE

Cu-OFE is made from a high purity copper cathode CuCATH-1 (CR001A). This high purity is maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process without the addition of deoxidizing elements such as phosphorus. The consequence of this high purity is an extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity.

In addition, this makes Cu-OFE extremely suitable for the high demands of the electronics industry, low temperature superconductors, and vacuum applications. Cu-OFE is free of elements that evaporate in vacuum and is therefore more suitable for vacuum applications than Cu-OF.

Insensitive to hydrogen embrittlement

When brought in contact with hydrogen, oxygen-containing copper alloys such as Cu-ETP may undergo severe damage. The cause of this is the reduction of copper oxides by hydrogen.

The nice thing about the Cu-OFE alloy is that it contains no oxygen and is therefore impervious to hydrogen embrittlement. In addition, it can be heat-treated in reducing atmospheres.

Miscellaneous properties of van Cu-OF & Cu-OFE

  • Cu-OFE has an easily weldable, inert gas and is easily galvanized. However, the material is less easy to laser weld.
  • Cu-OFE has excellent hot and cold forming properties.
  • Cu-OFE has good corrosion resistance in an industrial atmosphere, pure water vapor, oxidizing acids and neutral salt solutions. This is due to the good adhesion of the oxide layer.
  • Cu-OFE is not resistant to oxidizing acids, aqueous ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and sea water.

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