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Hafnium is a silvery metal and very easy to deform in as a pure element. Hafnium is extracted in small quantities from the minerals of zirconium. Due to the high neutron capture cross section Hafnium is used in control-rods for regulation of chain reaction in nuclear reactors.


Important features:

  • good resistance to chemical attack
  • large neutron capture for nuclear applications



  • plasma cutting torches (as an insert in the copper nozzle)
  • components in the lighting technology,
  • as an alloying element of superalloys,
  • Hard coatings
  • optical coatings.


ASTM standards:

ASTM B737 (hafnium rod and wire)
ASTM B776 (hafnium strip, plate)

Range of Products

Foils, strips, ribbons, sheets, plates and on special request