About us

Metel employees have extensive experience in the metal industry. This experienced was first gained by working with standard metals as a wholesaler for the high-volume market. Starting in 2013, Metel started to specialize in high-performance and special metals. We have thus evolved into a sparring partner and distinctive supplier of special metals with high specifications for unique applications.

Sparring partner from the beginning to the end

Many companies stick to the well-trod path and choose to work only with standard metals. This is logical, because the metal industry is specific and requires a lot of knowledge. But this gap is where Metel comes in. We provide support and advice from start to finish. We’re on hand at the start of the process, in the engineering and metal selection phase. We use our specialist knowledge to help identify the metal most suitable for your application; this is often better than the more readily available standard metal. We go far beyond the “you ask, we jump” model and instead thrive as a sparring partner for companies seeking the very best solutions.

Metals for specific industries

We help customers in various industries from medical equipment to aerospace. We use this breadth of experience to find the right metal for every application and industry, whether it’s an alloy suitable for MRI equipment to metals for 3D printing of parts for the aerospace industry.