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Nickel ranks 5th on the list of most common elements found on earth. The lustrous silvery-white metal can be found in nature and, together with iron, cobalt, and gadolinium, it is one of the four ferromagnetic metals. Nickel is a widely used in galvanized metals to protect against corrosion. Nickel can be found in the earth’s crust, but mostly in the earth’s inner core.

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Our Nickel products

Material background
Nickel surface
Nickel surface
Nickel surface
Nickel surface
Nickel surface
Nickel surface

Main properties of Nickel
  • High melting point of 1435°C
  • Corrosion and oxidation-resistant
  • Highly ductile
  • Easy to alloy
  • Magnetic at room temperature
  • Can be deposited by electroplating
The distribution of nickel
  • About 65% of the produced nickel is used to make stainless steel.
  • 20% of the nickel is used in other steel and non-ferric alloys, often in highly specialized industries such as aerospace and military applications.
  • About 9% of the nickel is used in nickel coatings applied through the process of electroplating.
  • The remaining 6% is used for other applications such as coins, electronics, and batteries for portable devices and hybrid cars.

The application areas of Nickel

Nickel alloys in jet engines

Nickel alloys such as inconel and hastelloy are widely used in turbine jet engines, for the turbine blades and other heated parts that can reach a temperature up to 1480°C. The pressure in these turbines can climb to over 40 atm. These properties make nickel an ideal metal that is used in over 300,000 products for consumer, industrial, military, transport, aerospace, shipping, and architectural applications. 

Nickel alloys for the production of stainless and heat-resistant steel

Nickel is most often used as an alloy element, combined with chromium and other metals, for the production of stainless and/or heat-resistant steel. These alloys are used for the production of pots and pans, sinks, building steel, food processing machines, medical equipment, and in chemical plants.

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