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Niobium (often called Columbium) is a grey shiny and very ductile metal. The name originates from Niobe (Greek mythology: daughter of Tantalus). The production of raw materials is mainly carried out through Niobite containing ore. Niobium is nearly always found together with Tantalum. Larger ore deposits are located in Brazil, Canada, Russia and Nigeria. Over 80 % of the worldwide Niobium production is used as an alloying element for steel- and super-alloys. Cemented carbides often contain Nb-Carbide..


Important features:

  • excellent chemical resistance to concentrated acids and liquid alkali metals
  • very tough and therefore readily deformable without cutting
  • good heat resistance and high melting point
  • low thermal neutron
  • below 9.26 Kelvin it becomes superconductive



  • construction material in chemical engineering
  • as an alloying element of superalloys
  • condensers in nuclear technology
  • for the interference of colors for jewelry or coins


Important Alloys:
Nb 99.8+% (R04200 type 1 - Reactor grade unalloyed niobium, Ta <0.1 %)
Nb 99.6+% (R04210 type 2 - Commercial grade unalloyed Niobium, Ta <0.3 %)
NbZr1 (R04251 type 3 - Reactor grade Niobium Alloy containing 1 % Zirconium)
NbZr1 (R04261 type 4 - Commercial grade Niobium Alloy containing 1 % Zirconium)
NbHf10Ti1 (R04295)


ASTM standards:
ASTM B392 (Nb and Nb-alloys - rods, wires)
ASTM B393 (Nb and Nb-alloys - sheet, strip)
ASTM B394 (Nb and Nb-alloys - pipes, seamless and welded)
ASTM B391 (Nb and Nb-alloys - ingots, blocks)
ASTM B652 / B652M (niobium, hafnium alloy - ingots)
ASTM B655 / B655M (niobium, hafnium alloy - wires)


Range of Products

Foils, strips, ribbons, sheets, plates, wires, rods, tubes, sputtering targets, crucibles, high temperature components, standard fabricated parts (screws, nuts and others), fabricated parts according to drawing


Alloy ASTM/rankings Description
Nb 99.8+ %
Nb 99.6+ %
R04200 / type 1
R04210 / type 2
R04251 / type 3
R04261 / type 4
Reactor quality Ta ≤ 0.1 %
Standaard quality Ta ≤ 0.3 %
Reactor quality
Standaard quality Ta ≤ 0.3 %