Titanium grade 11

Titanium Grade 11 is known, among other things, for its optimal ductility, cold forming capability, strength, wear resistance, and excellent weldability. The alloy can be used in the same areas of application as those of Grade 1 – applications for which corrosion is often a problem. Grade 11 has good corrosion resistance due to the addition of palladium, so that the alloy will not be quickly impaired, not even in acids. (UNS R52550/3.7225)

Its relation to other grades

Titanium Grade 11 strongly resembles grade 1, except for the addition of 0.15% palladium. Because of the addition of palladium, grade 11 is an alloy and thus not as commercially pure as Grade 1. Grade 7 also contains palladium, but because of the excellent corrosion-resistance and mechanical properties, it is more comparable to Grade 1.

Areas of application of titanium Grade 11

  • Chemical processing
  • Production of chlorates
  • Desalination
  • Maritime applications

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