Titanium grade 12

Titanium Grade 12 is comparable to titanium Grade2 and Grade3. The biggest difference is that Grade 12 contains 0.3% molybdenum and 0.8% nickel, giving this alloy enhanced corrosion-resistance and greater strength. Titanium Grade 12 is also easy to weld and is a very durable alloy that remains tough at high temperatures. (UNS R53400/3.7105)

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Properties of titanium Grade 12

Titanium Grade 12 has properties comparable to the 300 series stainless steel, and can be formed both hot and cold. This makes this alloy useful for many different applications. The high corrosion resistance of titanium Grade 12 also makes the alloy invaluable for production equipment where crevice corrosion is a concern.

Some areas of application of titanium Grade 12

  • Shell and heat exchangers
  • Hydrometallurgical applications
  • Chemical manufacture at high temperatures
  • Ship and aircraft components

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