Titanium grade 29

Titanium Grade 29 (Ti6Al4V0.1Ru)/UNS 56404
For a long time, the energy industry has had a need for highly strong and melt-weldable alloy with which it can develop critical components. The alloys must additionally prove to be corrosion-resistant in different industrial conditions, and also in acids. Titanium Grade 29 meets all of these requirements!

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The properties of titanium Grade 29

Titanium Grade 29 is an alpha-beta titanium alloy which, by addition of small amount of ruthenium (0.11%) becomes more corrosion resistant than the renown Ti6Al4V-ELI alloy (Grade 23). Although the addition of a small amount of Ru has no effect on the 2-phase metallurgy nor on the physical and mechanical properties of the forged or welded metal, it does drastically increase acid, crevice, and stress corrosion resistance. At the same time, the crystallographic structure enhances the resistance against hydrogen embrittlement and long-lasting stress. Furthermore, titanium Grade 29 is very easy to weld and relatively easy to shape.

A number of application areas of titanium Grade 29

  • Energy industry
  • High-end sensors

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