Titanium grade 5

Titanium is a strong yet light-weight metal. Titanium is also available in many different grades. Grade 1 – 4 are commercially pure titanium grades. Grade 5, or Ti6Al4V, is the first as well as the most widely used titanium alloy. It is an alpha-beta alloy and, apart from titanium, it contains 6% aluminum and 4% vanadium. Because of the metal’s light weight and its high mechanical properties, Ti6Al4V is mainly used in the aerospace industry.

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The most popular of all titanium alloys

Across the world, grade 5 is the most commonly used titanium alloy: more than 50% of the global use of titanium is titanium grade 5, particularly by the aircraft industry. So why is this grade so popular? Ti6Al4V has a very low weight, is highly weldable, and easy to process, and it is very strong and highly corrosion-resistant.

The properties of Ti6Al4V

  • Highly resistant to saltwater
  • Highly resistant to high temperatures up to 430°C/806°F
  • A good resistance to metal fatigue
  • Low thermal expansion
  • High strength-weight ratio
  • Low elastic modulus, meaning a high stiffness

Strong alloy with a high UTS

Titanium grade 5 is very popular because of its high Ultimate Tensile Strength (UTS). It is more than 4 times as strong as Grade 1 titanium while retaining the same stiffness and thermal properties as the commercially pure titanium grades. The standard minimal UTS of Ti6Al4V is 895MPa. The Solution Treatment and Aging (STA) heat treatment significantly increase the mechanical values. It can result in a UTS of more than 1200MPa.

Several application areas of Titanium grade 5

  • Heat exchangers
  • Parts for the semiconductor industry
  • Underwater applications
  • Submarines
  • Satellite components
  • Aerospace

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