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Tantalum is a ductile, grey shiny metal. The name tantalum originates from Tantalos (Greek mythology: torments of Tantalus – sustain horrible thirst) and refers to the characteristic of Tantalum-oxide Ta2O5, not to form salts together with acids. It derives mainly from Tantalum containing Copper or Tin ores and slags (Tantalite or Coltan). Economically, significant resources of tantalum can be found in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Thailand and others. A large part of tantalum is mainly used for electrical capacitors. Besides the use pf tantalum as an alloying element for the steel industry or as Tantalum-Carbide in cemented carbides, Tantalum metal is used in various fields of industry.


Important features and applications of tantalum:

  • excellent resistance to acids such as highly concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid
  • very high melting point up to 3017 °C  (only tungsten and rhenium have a higher melting point)
  • very ductile, good weldability and relatively good deformability
  • very good bio compatibility (for implants in the human body)


High purity tantalum alloys are often used for chemical plant equipment and heat exchanger tubes, medical implants, surgical instruments, and in high temperature furnaces for heat conductors.


Tantalum-tungsten (TaW2.5):
Compared with pure Tantalum, this alloy has a better strength, particularly a better high temperature strength.


Tantalum-tungsten (TAW10):
Compared with pure Tantalum and TaW2.5 this alloy has an increased strength at very high temperatures.


ASTM standards of tantalum:
ASTM B364 (and Ta-Ta-alloys - ingots, blocks)
ASTM B365 (and Ta-Ta-alloys - rods, wires)
ASTM B708 (Ta Ta and alloys - sheet, strip)
ASTM B521 (Ta-Ta alloy and - tubes, welded and seamless)
ASTM F560 (pure tantalum - Medical applications/implants)


Range of products tantalum:

Foils, strips, ribbons, sheets, plates, wires, rods, tubes, sputtering targets, crucibles, high temperature components, standard fabricated parts (screws, nuts and others), fabricated parts according to drawing


Tntalum alloy ASTM/ UNS norms
Ta 99,95%
Ta 99,95%
Ta 99,99%