Specialist in high-performance metals adds value

What does a specialist in high-performance metals do? During a conversation with Metel’s director Dennis Wijnants, we discuss the most important factors when it comes to supplying high-performance metals in demanding markets. Metel’s experience in high-tech markets, including semiconductor, medical and petrochemicals, means that their entire service is catered towards this. This article explains how Metel adds value for its customers.

“Consistent quality and good availability are essential as suppliers of high-performance metals. For many customers, this is just as important as the knowledge and expertise we provide”, says Dennis Wijnants. “In practice, it is the combination of these factors that means many customers have continued to do business with us for years.”

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High performance metals

In 2013, Wijnants founded Metel after building up a lot of experience in the metal industry, in particular bulk metals. He saw the increasing demand for special metals and realised that a knowledgeable supplier provides a lot of added value.

“It sounds simple: instead of stainless steel 304, let’s opt for an Inconel alloy that is more durable. But which alloy best suits the product and why? An engineer doesn’t always have that knowledge”, says Wijnants. “We know a lot about the properties of the various alloys and different types, and the relevant certifications or standards, and therefore we can help an engineer to choose the right metal for their specific application. Many smaller organisations in particular have benefited enormously from this.

For larger organisations this is different, OEM in for example semiconductor or the medical sector don’t need any further explanation. They appreciate our consistent quality, documentation and availability. Our website is an important resource for these customers, they download data sheets and use them to determine the right material for their prototype. Our knowledge only comes into play if there’s something they can’t quite figure out.”


Metel supplies companies in a wide variety of markets. The full list is comprehensive, below are a number of important markets:

  • High-tech (mechanical engineering)
  • Semiconductor
  • Medical
  • Petrochemistry
  • Offshore

Parts made of Titanium, Tungsten and Inconel

“Many customers do not have the knowledge, technical capacity or time required to make parts from these difficult-to-machine metals. And it is also a significant investment, processing tungsten or Inconel requires special tools and specialist knowledge. If the component is then also relatively small-scale (in volume), customers often prefer to outsource it

Our factories work exclusively with a certain metal group and offer a variety of processing techniques in-house. Metel therefore regularly supplies the Titanium in plate or rod form and a finished tungsten product (according to the drawing supplied by the customer). This unburdens many customers.”


Curious about the many advantages of working with Metel? Our team will be happy to tell you all about our programme and approach and will be glad to share examples of successful partnerships with customers who operate in your specific market. Make an appointment by calling 0417 – 724 800 or emailing n.kesteloo@metel.nl.

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    We take you along in our services: from comprehensive knowledge of metals, their properties, and processes to documentation and reliable delivery of high performance metals. We also extensively examine the properties and applications of three metals: Nickel, Titanium, and Tungsten.