Electrolytic Tough Pitch (ETP) copper, also called red copper is the most common form of copper and is universal for electrical applications. Cu-ETP has a minimum conductivity rating of 100% IACS (International Annealed Copper Standard). Most Cu-ETP sold today meets or even exceeds the 100% IACS specification. The phosphorus content of Cu-ETP is very low, thereby making the electrical conductivity comparable to that of the best performing materials. (CW004A/UNS C11000/2.0060)

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Cu-ETP specifications

Cu-UTP must contain at least 99.9% copper and additionally have an oxygen content of between 0.02% to 0.04%. As with OF copper, the silver content is counted as copper (Cu) for purity purposes. Cu-ETP is an electrolytically-refined copper that is frequently used in electrical and electronic applications.

High electrical & thermal conductivity and very malleable

Cu-ETP is an oxygen-containing copper with a very high electrical and thermal conductivity and excellent formability properties. But because of the oxygen content, the soldering and welding properties are limited. CU-ETP is not suitable for tempering, but can be bent, soldered, drilled, riveted, and shaped in almost any configuration.

With antimicrobial properties

The alloy is registered as US EPA antimicrobial owing to the high copper content of about 99%. As a result, Cu-ETP exhibits the full antimicrobial properties of copper to inhibit the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi that come into contact with copper-containing surfaces for a short time.

Some areas of application of Cu-ETP

  • Bus bars for switch boxes
  • Heat exchangers
  • Conductors
  • Contacts and terminals
  • Transformer coils

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